Amistad Ltd. was created out of a passion for natural cosmetics and a healthy lifestyle.
We believe that living peacefully with nature and respecting animals can be made possible thanks to our everyday choices. Our consumers are regularly introduced to the latest eco trends in wellness, beauty and homecare.

Amistad Ltd. specialises in delivering high-quality ecological goods to consumers. We carefully select and test the effectiveness and performance of our products, keeping the natural environment’s preservation a priority. Our specialties are natural cosmetics; however, we are also expanding into the sale of alternative eco products.

We observe popular trends from all over the globe and deliver the most sought-after products to our clients

We are open to cooperation with producers and importers. We can help introduce your product to the market through our personal distribution canals or our business partners.

With our long-term experience in the natural product market, you can be sure to trust us.

As our customer you can expect:

Distribution of your products to targeted consumer groups.

The full commitment of our team and experts.

Transparent, ethical long-term cooperation.

Analysis of market and marketing opportunities.

A strategy individually tailored to your product range.

Promotion of your product at local, national and foreign fairs.

Active sale of goods in our stationary store and on

Amistad Ltd. is a proud owner of a shop in Bialystok and an e-store. We offer over four thousand different products in the space of 120m2, which predominantly consist of natural cosmetics, bio food and eco products that help keep your house spotless. We have created a unique place where our clients can discover new eco trends from all around the globe.

Our range of natural cosmetics, oils, diet supplements, gluten-free and sugar-free products are potentially the biggest in the region. In addition to this, you can also find vegan, zero waste and DIY products.